Day 5 – Ambalapuzha to Cochin

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 5 started with a visit to the Sri Krishna Temple at Ambalapuzha. It was an opportunity offered on the plate and I couldn’t resist it. The temple was small yet impressive with a very good sense of aesthetics. One could feel the early ‘morning freshness’ in the clean air and surroundings in the temple. I had long lost interest in visiting temples in Chennai, largely because of the crowd visiting the temples with mobile phones and inappropriate sense of dressing (both men and women). In many cases, I find that people do not even differentiate between visiting a temple and visiting a shopping mall. After sipping a cup of coffee listening to a melodious number of Yesudas in a restaurant outside the temple, I departed from Ambalapuzha.
The next destination was a Alapuzha or Alleppy. The town was renowned for it backwaters and often referred as the ‘Venice of the East’. I visited the beach which looked deserted in the morning hours.

Alapuzha Beach

I could notice a port-like structure at the beach. On enquiring, I learnt that it happens to be erstwhile Alapuzha port which was closed about 30 years back to facilitate the development of Cochin port. A few of the remains of the port could be still seen like the railway tracks and the jetty.

Alapuzha Port

I moved out of the town to have my breakfast of ‘Parathas’ and ‘Kuruma’. It was regrettable that I could not spend much time in Alapuzha going around the town in boats. I then continued to reach Chertala or ‘Shertallai’ – both names were used in different contexts.

Shertalai Station

Lunch time and the challenging task of finding a vegetarian restaurant was thrust upon me. I could not find any within the town. 5kms north of Chertala, I could find a vegetarian mess on the highway. It was a quite small one by the name ‘Lakshmi Mess.’ I would easily consider the lunch there as the best lunch of the entire tour. Hand-beaten boiled rice with delicious ‘More Kozhambu’ was the pick of the lunch. Unlimited food tempted me to try the ‘More Kozhambu’ once more and the diminishing law of marginal utility seems to be false in this context! With melodious music of Yesudas and Jayachandran on the background, the lunch was indeed exotic. Price – Just Rs. 15 – putting restaurants in Chennai to a shame.
After a good lunch, a rest was manadatory and this time it was in a slightly unusual place. It was on the campus of a fodder factory belonging to the Kerala Milk co-operative society. The topics for discussion ranged from the delicious ‘Paladai Pradhamam’ to Milk economics of Kerala. I was curious to know about the meaning of their brand name ‘Milma’ but apparently, there wasn’t any. I also learnt that the Ambalapuzha temple is famous for its delicious ‘Pal Payasam’ for which bookings are accepted 6 months in advance. Kerala actually suffers a shortage of Milk production (May be they opt for beef which secures more money than milk!) and the shortage is met by Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Still, coffee or tea is cheaper in Kerala than most places in Tamil Nadu!
The afternoon ride towards Cochin was predominantly on the highway. The waterways at Edakochi gave me some opportunities for photography. Else, riding through the industrial zones and dodging the local buses in city roads aren’t great experiences to write about. The view of the backwaters at Edakochi was wonderful (pictured below).

Cochin Harbour View

Entering the city of Kochi, the pain of riding through city traffic was back diminishing the joy from the tour. I rode through some narrow bridges and dodged through the local buses – who seem to be the ‘Kings’ of the local roads. After passing through the Cochin Shipyard, I reached my hotel which was closer to the Ernakulam South railway station.

The Route

Ambalapuzha – Alapuzha  – Chertala – Edakochi – Kochi.

Day 5 - Edited

More pictures from the day’s ride here.


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