Day16 – Rest at Karwar

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunset at Karwar

By now, I had planned to end my trip in Goa but not sure which place it would be – Panaji, Margao or Vasco. I needed another day’s ride to reach these places. The previous day ride had left me with very tired legs which did not recover in time. I chose to stay another day at Karwar before proceeding further. The room rent was pretty cheap and food was affordable. I also bought myself a map of Goa trying to figure out the route for the next day.

During the day, I took a stroll in the streets of Karwar. It was a small town with beach on one side and the western ghats on the other side. I was able to connect the market area with R.K.Narayan’s description of market place in Malgudi! The town had a wide, cemented roads with very less traffic and more people on their feet.

I spent the evening at Karwar beach watching the sunset, albeit with a difference! I took my Bike to the beach and cycled along the waves. It kind of summed up the entire tour. Riding on the beach and watching the sunset – a dream come true indeed! One of the ad campaign by Karnataka tourism states that it was at Karwar where Rabindranath Tagore got inspired to write his first play. Following that, I am quite tempted to announce that I was inspired to write this travelogue at Karwar – sounds sweet even-though it is a blatant lie!


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