Day15 – Honnavar – Karwar

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gokarn River

After two days of riding on a highway, I could see some options to ride off it. The road map showed me a few diversions and I was keen on exploring them. The first destination was Kumta – a coastal town where I surprisingly got a good and cheap breakfast. I would remember the breakfast simply because of the cost. A plate of Set Dosa – 4 in number unlike the 2 served in Bangalore – and a cup of tea costing me just Rs. 9! The taste was pretty good and it provided me some energy to ride until my lunch time.

There was an alternate route from Kumta to Gokarna which involved a boat ride. After riding for about an hour which included a few climbs, I reached a place called Agnavish on the banks of Gokarn river. I took a boat from there to another place called Tadadi, from where Gokarna is about 5 kms. The ride was on a conventional passenger boat with no fencing around the edges. I enjoyed my ride holding my bike on one had and the camera on the other.

On the boat

I reached the other end which was an fisherman’s port. By now, I was quite accustomed to the ‘fragrance’ and could navigate through the area with relative ease. The ‘fishy smell’ was prevalent all over the west coast. Another arduous ride and I reached the Gokarana town. I found a restaurant for lunch and the afternoon rest was on the puyol of the house of a kind-hearted person!

The afternoon ride was towards Ankola and here I used a boat again to ride across a river. The name of the town was synonymous with an Indian cricket player of the 1990s. I remember him well as the most frequent twelfth man of the team during that period. Another ride on a conventional boat followed by a difficult stretch without any proper roads. The road was actually non-existent. The local Panchayat was busy leveling the surface. I was quite exhausted when I reached Ankola.

Being back on the highway comforted me a little as I was sure of a decent road until Karwar. However, it wasn’t all that rosy. The ride had too many gradients challenging me as well as my bike. The gear system has almost become hopeless as it wasn’t shifting either to the high or the low in the front. I need to stop it every-time to manually push the gear to low. On the rear side, only the numbers 2,5 and 7 were functioning. The picturesque views after every climb made the climb worth the effort. The best views available were that of the area where Indian Navy have their base. It cannot be captured in a camera due to security reasons. The Navy is currently busy fencing the area with opaque walls and boards – I could view the place through some of the gaps. Photography was strictly prohibited and hence the joy can never be shared. I reached the Karwar beach after sunset but it still offered me some nice views. The beach and the small port were wonderful to watch.

The Route

Honnavar – Kumta – Agnavish – Tadadi – Gokaran – Akola – Karwar

Day 13 - EditedMore pictures from the day’s ride here


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