Day10 – Kannur to Kasargord

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bekal Fort

The day started with a delicious breakfast at Komala Vilas. At first, I was thinking if this hotel has any connection with the one in Singapore. I proceeded to do further enquiries about the hotel and found it to be older than the one in Singapore. It was started in 1918 as ‘Komala Vilas Coffee Club’. Later the ‘Coffee Club’ was replaced with Restaurant. The breakfast was actually better than the one in Singapore! The hotel in Singapore was started only in 1947!.

Third Generation Owner!

I took a diversion from the highway to a place called Azhikode from where I need to take a boat to reach Mattul. It was a normal passenger boat and I struggled to accommodate my bike. On separate instances, I could see people loading even motor bikes in boats smaller than that and getting across rivers. After riding through a few well-laid village roads, I reached the highway again at Payyangadi. I had my afternoon lunch at a ‘Udupi-style’ vegetarian hotel in Kalikkadavu. It was followed by a rest at a nearby browsing centre.

The boat ride!

The afternoon ride was through Nileshwaram and Kanchangad. I was advised at Mahe that I should visit Sree Narayana Ashram at Kanchangad where I can apparently get a free stay and food! I took a deviation from the highway and also missed the Ashram and proceeded towards the Bekal fort. I reached Bekal Fort at 5:30 PM when it was about to be closed. I had to miss the opportunity to visit the fort. The fort looked magnificent from outside and I believe it was a spot for many scenes in Tamil movies. It was too late in the evening to enter the fort and thus missed a good opportunity.

Sunset at Kuppal Beach

I wished to stay at a beach and enjoy the evening sunset before proceeding to Kasargod. I reached the Kuppal beach to enjoy the sunset. It was a quite beach with no disturbances leaving me to enjoy the sunset at its best. How I wished doing an evening run in such wonderful beaches!

I still need to cover about 8-10 Kms from there. The ride to Kasargod was the only one I did in complete darkness. It got worse as I had to climb down about 150m and climb the same height again. I was drained a bit at this stage and wondered if I will have any more strength to go further from Mangalore. Mangalore was only about 60 Kms from Kasargod and found some solace in that information. After battling these challenges, I eventually reached Kasargod very late in the evening.

The Route

Kannur – Azhikkode – Mattul – Payangadi – Payannur – Kalikkadavu – Charuvathur – Nileshwaram – Bekal – Kuppal Beach – Melparamu – Kasargod

 Day 9 - EditMore pictures from the day’s ride here.


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